About the EVI

The Emory Votes Initiative fosters a more civically engaged campus by providing voter information, increasing voter turnout, and empowering our community with credible political resources. Emory students, staff, and faculty developed this nonpartisan initiative to strengthen and centralize voting efforts on campus. Let’s take the first step toward civic engagement together! One Emory, your vote, our future.
The EVI Steering Committee numbers some dozen faculty, staff, and students from across the Atlanta and Oxford campuses of Emory University. It collaborates with a small group of interns, a larger group of engaged members from across the campus community, and a growing network of student organizations. In 2019–2020, to further Emory’s civic engagement efforts, the Center for Civic and Community Engagement hired a part-time, temporary assistant program coordinator with funds assembled from the Office of the Provost and Emory Campus Life.
  • 100% of first-year students. In 2020 the Emory Votes Initiative will reach every incoming freshman about the importance of civic engagement through Emory Essential summer modules and through fall orientation courses (PACE 101 and Discovery seminars). 
  • No. 3 with TurboVote. Emory ranked third nationally for campus TurboVote sign-ups in 2019–2020, both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of the student body.
  • ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge. For increasing Emory student turnout in the 2018 midterm elections, EVI was recognized by the ALL In Challenge with a Gold Seal for the Atlanta campus (41% turnout, an increase of almost a quarter over the previous midterms) and a Bronze Seal for Oxford College (28% turnout). Article.
  • Platinum PR Awards, PRNEWS. Emory University received two honorable mentions at PRNEWS’ awards gala in New York for the 2018 midterm election Emory Votes community engagement campaign “Our Civic Duty.”
  • Follow the Emory Votes Initiative on Facebook and Instagram @emoryvotes.
  • EVI distributes a newsletter every couple of weeks with voting information and EVI news. To join the mailing list, email emoryvotes@emory.edu