Reporting a bias incident helps to ensure our community addresses issues that impact our ability to cultivate the trust and cultural humility that are essential components of community building and learning at Emory. Reporting bias incidents also ensures that members of our community receive necessary support resources.  In addition, this information provides the university with a record of current issues on campus and enables the community to track trends and further develop response mechanisms.

BSS is the entity through which incidents of identity-based violence and harassment can be reported, reviewed and appropriate action can be taken by the University. This will allow the University to respond to individual incidents and to examine trends and themes that need to be addressed.

  1. You will receive an email receipt that the report was received.

  2. The report is automatically sent to a review team who will;

    1. review the report to determine whether the behavior violates federal or state law, meets the criteria for investigation via the University’s Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment Policy, or may be a violation of a School’s Code of Conduct

    2. if the incident appears to violate federal or state law, the team will also engage the Emory Police Department,

    3. if the incident appears to violate the Equal Opportunity and Discriminator Harassment Policy or a School’s Code of Conduct the review team will refer to the appropriate School’s conduct area.

  3. The report is also automatically sent to the support team who will;

    1. follow up with you within two business days if you provide your contact information in the report),

    2. consult with individuals affected by the bias incident and, when appropriate, formulate an action plan to respond to the needs of community members who have been impacted,

    3. if the report is anonymously submitted, but references members of a particular community (i.e. students in an academic course, members of a student organization or residence hall floor) the support team will review to determine whether additional outreach with members of that community is appropriate.

  4. BSS maintains a log of bias incidents on this webpage that is updated as reports are received. This log is accessible to the campus community.