The goal of Bias Support Services (BSS) is to ensure that there is a clear process for reporting bias incidents and for providing support for community members impacted by bias.

As a community of scholars, we are committed to an environment where open expression of ideas is valued, promoted, and encouraged. We recognize that Emory’s educational process of our institution requires diverse forms of debate, dialogue, and deliberation. And, we acknowledge the challenges and tensions these actions could create in an ever-changing community. Emory University does not tolerate discrimination or harassment toward members of our community.

Emory University strives to provide a welcoming, diverse and inclusive campus as an essential part of a community of academic excellence. We recognize that incidents of hate or bias can negatively impact members of our community. Bias Support Services (BSS) consists of two mechanisms;


Bias Review Team

1. Bias review consists of a team which reviews reports and other materials for potential violations of federal or state law, the University’s Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment policy, or Conduct Code violations (for information about your school’s code of conduct please see links below).


Bias Support Team

2. Bias Support offers resources designed to create a more inclusive campus community. The support team is comprised of staff who are trained to care for students from a trauma-informed lens to provide advocacy and support.  If needed, they can also work collaboratively to determine if additional community intervention is needed. 

The team is comprised of staff who are trained to review bias incident reports to determine whether it meets the criteria to be investigated and/or forwarded to Emory Police Department for criminal investigation.


Niger R. Thomas
Director and Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Officer
Office of Equity and Inclusion

Julia Thompson
Office of Student Conduct

Jeanne D. Thigpen
Human Resources Employee Relations

Oxford Campus

Wade Manora, Jr.
Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Philip Sullivan
Associate Dean of Campus Life and
Director of Residential Education and Services


The team is comprised of staff who are trained to support students from a trauma informed lens.  Their primary role is to work with students who have been impacted by bias incidents to provide advocacy and support.  If needed, the support team will also work collaboratively to determine if additional community support is needed. 

The team does not replace any of the current procedures and protocols in place to resolve alleged violations of policies regarding student conduct, discrimination, sexual misconduct, or violations of criminal law. Rather, the team seeks to ensure that there is a more streamlined and effective process for responding to bias incidents, including providing support to impacted parties.

Kyle Williams
Bias Incident Support and Advocacy Lead

Brian Green
University Ombudsperson for Students

For information about Open Expression and the Respect for Open Expression policy please visit the Respect for Open Expression webpage.

BSS relies upon a continuous improvement process.  The protocol will continue to be refined through feedback from our campus community. Please contact BSS at BIASREPORT@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU.

Other Advocacy and Support Resources