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Are you looking for something to do at Emory on a Friday or Saturday nights? Or are you hosting a late night event that you'd like to publicize? Late Night @ Emory is your one-stop shop to find events occurring after 7:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays at Emory.

Late Night @ Emory, co-sponsored by the University Center and Emory Dining, is managed by the University Center Board. The sponsors of the program are committed to ensuring there is at least one free event on almost every Friday and Saturday in any given semester, excluding finals week.

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Grant Funding and Application

Late Night @ Emory is a co-sponsorship program by University Center Board (UCB) and Emory Dining to promote social activities on Friday and Saturday nights at Emory. To help accomplish this goal, Campus Life offers grant money to student organizations or departments to help provide a variety of funding options to ensure that fun social opportunities are available to Emory students.

Awarded co-sponsors will receive funding as well as programming support by the University Center Board (UCB). This application for co-sponsorship is available for any student organization or Emory department to apply. The organizations or departments that submit the strongest, most promising program – that maximizes  Late Night @ Emory funds while providing excellent social activity – will be awarded the co-sponsorship. However, funds are limited and all programs will not be granted funding. Fall programs will be conducted in September, October, November, and December. Programs in the spring will be held in January, February, March, and April.

Activity Requirements

Free to All Emory Students. Admission may not be charged, but if the event is of a charitable nature, donations can be accepted, but not required.

Fun – The purpose of Late Night @ Emory is predominately social. While there can be a learning component, the focus is on building community and social networking.

Fridays or Saturdays @ Night – Should start AFTER 7:00 PM. Preference will be given to programs that last later than midnight and fill gap weekends.

Free from Alcohol – Alcohol may not be served at a Late Night @ Emory event.

Evaluation – The UCB will work with you to create a method to evaluate the quality/enjoyment of the program. It can be really simple and will include such items as the total number of attendees, a quick survey for feedback, etc.

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