Welcome to the Finance Service Center.  The Finance Service Center was created in 2014 to support the financial needs of all departments within the Division of Campus Life.

You can find Campus Life Finance in the following locations:

  • Emory Student Center, North Tower, N219
    Deposits, reimbursements, and Student Government support (administration of student activity fee and monetary code compliance.

  • Ignatius Few Hall at 4 Eagle Row
    Monthly financial reporting, budget planning and monitoring, expense and revenue compliance.  

If you are not sure who services your department or have questions, requests for journals, or other basic accounting needs, please send your email to our monitored department email at CLFSC@emory.edu.


The Finance Service Center provides financial and operational support to Emory Campus Life by managing financial transactions, budgets, projections, reporting, and financial reviews.


The Campus Life Finance Center strives to provide high quality financial service to students and staff to support the programs, operations, and strategic initiatives of the Division of Campus Life.

Guiding Principles

Goals of Service Center