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April 22, 2020

From Enku: Dawn is on the Horizon

Enku GelayeIt may seem that the virus completely drives our behavior, depriving us of whatever semblance of control we had grown accustomed to in our individual lives. But that is not so. To be sure, the virus has circumscribed huge areas of our lives – for now. Nonetheless, we have not lost our identities as human beings or what we aspire to be or do with our lives as members of families, communities, and humankind. We will keep our relationships in tact with loved ones, friends, and colleagues – and continue to embrace the essential values in our lives.

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April 22 is Administrative Professionals Day: An opportunity to say thank you

While its moniker has changed, the purpose of Administrative Professionals Day has remained the same: to celebrate and shed light on administrative professionals’ devoted, valued work.

Administrative Professionals Day

U.S. 2020 Census

The census rolls around once a decade, and April is the month! Your confidential response earns valuable funds and representation for Georgia. See Census FAQ from the Emory Votes Initiative and take a few minutes to be counted at

U.S. 2020 Census

Primary elections are June 9

With lots on the ballot besides the presidential election, voting by mail is the social distancing way to go. If you didn’t already receive your absentee ballot application in the mail, you can request the ballot yourself with tips from the Emory Votes Initiative

Professional development

During this period of social distancing and stay at home orders, you can use the time to concentrate on your personal and professional development. Use these resources to acquire new knowledge and skills through virtual learning.

Working Through COVID-19

The Emory Wheel: Provost remains ‘hopeful’ for in-person fall semester (April 21)

Emory Interim Provost and Executive President for Academic Affairs Jan Love told the Wheel that within the next two weeks, the University will make a decision on whether in-person classes will be canceled for the fall. 

Working Through COVID-19

home schooling

This is what happens to your body when you work from home

Easing children’s anxiety during COVID-19

How to talk to your team when the future is uncertain

Free NASPA learning resources on YouTube

Following are additional resources on working from home and meeting other challenges for students and employees in this difficult time.
Emory HR: Working Through COVID-19
Family Staff Assistance Program
Children and Family
Emory University COVID-19 Updates
Campus Life resources during the COVID-19 outbreak

Just for Fun

‘TikTok’ Doctor’s Emory connection

Since we published a link last week to the video of the dancing doctor and his light-on-their-feet colleagues, viewed online by millions, we‘ve learned this: He’s Jason Campbell, 11C, former captain of the Emory track and field team and today a self-described proud alum who’s grateful for his time on this campus. In case you missed it last week, here’s the link.

Super cute video from the University of Dayton

Virtual Tour of the Musee D’Orsay Museum in Paris

Other museums to tour

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