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The eight-item fall 2018 survey was distributed to approximately 335 Campus Life staff members.

By ECL Connections Staff

During fall semester, as part of its efforts to continually improve the quality of Campus Life’s ECL Connections newsletter, the editorial team invited readers to participate in an online survey to evaluate the monthly publication, which was launched in June 2017.

The eight-item fall 2018 survey was offered to approximately 335 Campus Life staff members, with 51 (15 percent) responding. Readers offered helpful feedback about what they like and how the newsletter can be improved. Here’s a summary of the survey results:

  • Ninety (90) percent of respondents said they read ECL Connections, with 74 percent indicating they read half to all of each issue.

  • Eighty-six (86) percent of respondents agree that the newsletter provides useful, helpful, and/or timely information about Campus Life.

  • Asked to select all the newsletter sections they found helpful, 70 percent of respondents chose feature stories; 56 percent Program Highlights; 40 percent Kudos for Colleagues; and 37 percent chose In the News.

  • When asked to select all the statements that describe the newsletter, 77 percent of respondents agreed it helps keep readers informed about Campus Life’s service to Emory students and the university community; 51 percent agreed it recognizes deserving individuals; and 47 percent agreed it recognizes deserving programs.

  • If one or more of the existing newsletter sections could be expanded, survey respondents were asked, which one or more should it be? Feature stories were selected by 40 percent; 56 percent selected Program Highlights; 40 percent feature stories; 28 percent Kudos for Colleagues; 23 percent In the News; and 16 percent chose other.

  • Asked about how often they prefer to receive the newsletter, 72 percent of respondents chose monthly, with 28 percent preferring twice monthly.

  • Nine respondents offered additional comments, many of which are addressed below.

Suggestions from Readers

As for improvements in newsletter coverage, one reader suggested more feature stories and Program Highlights that show the link between Campus Life’s work and the university’s One Emory strategic framework.

typing on keyboardPhoto by Christin Hume on Unsplash

 The editorial team agrees. In fact, collaboration across organization lines, which One Emory calls for, has been a focus of a number of ECL Connections stories since its first issue. Going forward, the editorial team is committed to even more closely aligning newsletter coverage with One Emory goals, such as student and faculty engagement beyond the classroom and Emory organizations partnering with one another.

A recent example is the November newsletter story, “Students, faculty encouraged to 'do lunch' together at the DUC-ling.” Another is the December issue story, “Emory faculty and Campus Life staff partnerships serve students.”

Another reader suggestion is to include more articles about Campus Life staff who do essential work behind the scenes but don’t often get recognized, as well increasing newsletter coverage of students, alumni, and others. Again, the editorial team agrees and is committed to more broadly reporting on the work and contributions of all Campus Life constituents, as resources permit.

One reader suggested expanding the newsletter’s coverage by recruiting and training students to report and write stories. That’s another excellent suggestion. While the editorial team has employed student interns since fall 2017, additional students are being recruited. In addition, the editorial plans to engage students to help produce more video clips to incorporate into the newsletter, another suggestion from a newsletter reader. 

Another respondent called for fewer stories that duplicate news already reported in other Emory publications, including Emory Report. In fact, Emory Report occasionally picks up stories that the ECL Connections team produces by and for Campus Life but have campus-wide appeal. With One Emory in place, ECL Connections plans develop even more stories that carry campus-wide interest.

Share your ideas for stories and news items

How to submit ideas for stories and news items was a concern expressed by a survey respondent. The editorial team welcomes such input. Campus Life is a treasure trove of news items and stories—far more than the editorial team can discover on its own. ECL Connections readers can help by suggesting stories about the people, events, and accomplishments in their offices.

ECL Connections will include in each newsletter an explicit invitation to readers to submit ideas for stories and news items. While every idea received can be developed and published, the team expects that more ideas from readers will translate into broader of coverage of the outstanding work by Campus Life staff and other members ofhte Emory community.

The results of the survey are proving to be very helpful – and the ECL Connections editorial team greatly appreciates the input provided by all respondents to the survey.

Questions about the survey or ideas for stories and other items may be directed to ECL Connections editor, John Baker Brown, at jbbrown@emory.edu or ECLeditorial@emory.edu.