Shaikh and GiampetruzziBarkley Forum. BF brought home another national championship in March at the American Debate Association National Tournament in Las Vegas. Three teams competed in the elimination rounds, which attracted debaters from around the country. Securing their third consecutive tournament win, Zahir Shaikh and Eugenia Giampetruzzi defeated UC Berkeley in the final round of the competition to win the national championship. The most recent prior national championship win for Barkley Forum was in 2017, also the tournament hosted by the American Debate Association. 

Eugenia and Zahir had great fall and spring seasons, emerging as one pf the top five teams in the nation. They would have had a good shot at winning the National Debate Tournament this spring but, unfortunately, it was cancelled in March. Nonetheless, the pair’s spring semester was historic even measured by Barkley Forum’s extraordinary standards. Eugenia and Zahir won all three tournaments that they attended, competing against other high-caliber nationally rated teams. Their success is a squad success, according to BF senior director Ed Lee, an accomplishment that could not have happened without a dynamic and engaged coaching staff.

(Photo above: Zahir and Eugenia after their win in Las Vegas)

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Pride Awards.
The Office of LGBT Life hosted the annual Pride Awards on the evening of March 3 at the Miller-Ward Alumni House, showcasing outstanding behind-the-scenes work by members of the Emory community to promote LGBT equality. The celebration commemorates the march and protest on March 2, 1992, that began Emory's institutional commitment toward access and equity for LGBT people. Since that time, the university has become one of the nation’s leaders in LGBT inclusion.

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Women of Excellence Awards. The Center for Women celebrated Emory seniors recgnized as this year's 50 Graduating Women of Excellence with a toast by Dean Enku Gelaye and a commemorative pin. The students were honored for displaying leadership, inclusivity, and a commitment to making Emory a better place for all. The Alumni Women of Emory helped pin the students and welcomed them to the alumni community.

The pinning event kicked off the Women of Excellence Awards, an annual event that honors women who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to issues affecting women at Emory and in the larger community. Both events were hosted at the Miller-Ward Amuni House On March 5.

(Photo: Jamie Epstein 20C is pinned as one of 50 Graduating Women of Excellence by a member of the Alumni Women of Emory.)

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