Town Hall with Emory leaders and College Council discussion provisions for fall 2021.

August 19, 2021

There are online courses available and, in fact, many of the online courses are not full.  You can change your schedule to replace in-person with online courses where they are available
Our faculty are prepared to move online if necessary.  In most cases, these will be short periods online to respond to specific challenges for that class.
We are encouraging faculty to record classes wherever possible. Definitely contact your professor about your situation to see how they can help you with your absences.
Yes, masks are required indoors for all activity in the gyms and recreation centers.
Currently, as Amir St Clair has noted, we are using alternative ways to make the classroom safe, but we are not imposing physical distancing in classrooms.  This includes improving the physical environment, requiring vaccination, and mandating masking for all in the classroom.  As conditions change, there may be data and new advice that would lead us to move in that direction but, right now, we are not using social distancing in classrooms.
At this time we have <2% of students who have designated themselves as declining the vaccine indefinitely. Data continues to be verified so we are watching this number closely.

Full details about the vaccine requirements, including information about exemptions, can be found here: 

Guidelines for our campus visitor policy, which speaks to vaccinations, masking, etc., for guests, can be found here: 

Yes — the library is fully open.
Building and Residential Services Staff will clean common areas and restroom facilites several times a day. These schedules are variable based on student schedules so there isn't a specific number, but they will be in the buildings cleaning the spaces frequently.
We are currently working to create these guidelines. Events will not start at least three weeks after school begins (which is the normal waiting period). We want to have as much information possible to make sure that the organizations can have events and have them safely. These guidelines are coming very soon.
Shuttle services will be available to the airport during the beginning of fall, winter, and spring break.

Students not fully vaccinnated and living on campus need to complete an Emory screening test within 24-48 hours of arrival.

Student Health will not share an individuals vaccination status with any other division (including housing) to protect their privacy.

If you have been exposed to an individual with COVID, it is important to contact Student Health Services via the Student Health Portal. You can send a message to the "COVID Assessment Provider" for further guidance and assistance. We are here to walk you through next steps and connect you with our contact-tracing team for further follow-up.

Campus Life and our academic colleagues are in the processes of developing programming to develop and support our community as they return to campus.  A great deal of resources have been expanded to support the mental health needs of our students through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Student Health Services, Student Intervention Services, Recreation and Wellness/Athletics and the Office of Health Promotion, just to name a few.
Athletics is returning to practice and competition this fall for all sports. Guidelines followed are inline with University policies and guidance.
Masks will be required when not actively eating or drinking.
The Dobbs Common Table (DCT) will revert to dine-in only as a center of community; we will offer meal exchange (using meal swipes) at The Emporium, SAAC, and Woodruff Residential.  All locations other than the DCT will offer take-out service.
All dining units will have full capacity dine in service this fall.
The DCT is an eat-in only location.  We are opening the patio for dining this year, but not other locations in the ESC.
No, vaccine cards/pictures are not required for any events at this time.