Welcome to the Emory Black Student Union!

The Emory Black Student Union (EBSU) is a space with study and lounge areas, enhanced technologies, student resources, and is supported by committed staff, offering educational and social programming.  The EBSU is Campus Life's steadfast commitment to ensuring an inclusive, equitable, and just environment that will allow all members of our community to thrive at Emory.  The EBSU is open to all students, undergraduate and graduate, at Emory and exists to help support our diverse community with dedicated space for programs, celebrations, and knowledge sharing.

We welcome you to hang out in the space, connect with resources, enjoy artwork that celebrates the legacy of Emory’s Black communities, and attend meetings and events sponsored by the EBSU and Emory’s various Black student organizations!

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Subscribe to the EBSU Listserv!  The purpose of the listserv is to disseminate information to keep subscribers abreast of what is happening on campus and beyond, especially as it aligns with the mission and vision of the EBSU.  We provide weekly emails about programs, highlights, and efforts regarding the EBSU space to  keep you informed!  If interested in frequent updates and communication check out our Facebook page: THE EBSU. 

To subscribe to the EBSU Listserv:

  • Send email to listserv@listserv.emory.edu
  • In the text(body) of the email, write SUBSCRIBE EBSU [your first name] [your last name]. For example" Subscribe EBSU Alex Walker"

To unsubscribe from the EBSU Listserv:

  • Send an email to listser@listserv.emory.edu
  • In the text of the email, write UNSUBSCRIBE EBSU [your first name] [your last name]. For example”UNSUBSCRIBE EBSU Alex Walker

For further assistance, email Aiyanna Sanders (aiyanna.sanders@emory.edu) or Bobbye Hampton (bobbye.demetra.hampton@emory.edu).

Emory Black Student Union

Thank you, for your interest in reserving the EBSU for your program or event!

The EBSU is located in the Alumni Memorial University Center on the 1st floor. We are Room 106 immediately adjacent to the Office of Race and Cultural Engagement (RACE) .

All EBSU reservations are governed by Meeting Service policies in addition to lining up with the EBSU Mission & Vision. Please see Emory Student Center reservation policies.

The EBSU cannot approve reservations for non-Emory entities. Consider collaborating with an Emory student group for your program/event. Contact Meeting Services for additional assistance. Phone: 404-727-1706

EBSU Reservation Process

Prior to applying to reserve the EBSU please make sure that you or the entity you represent are:

  • An Emory student group, department or affiliate in good standing with the University
  • The owner of a working smartkey account
  • Proposing a program in line with the EBSU Mission /Vision
    • The Emory Black Student Union (EBSU) enhances, celebrates and supports Emory’s Black communities through dedicated space and programs and serves as a resource for African and African Diaspora culture and history

If your event matches these criteria please continue by applying to reserve the EBSU.

EBSU reservations require 2-4 business days for a response. Once your event request is processed you will receive an email confirmation or denial from our Reservation & Logistics Intern. DO NOT advertise for events that have not been formally approved via an email confirmation.

University Reservation Process

If your event does not meet these criteria but are still in need of a meeting space please utilize the 25Live system or contact Emory Student Center meeting services.


In December of 2012, growing student concerns sparked the formation of an ad-hoc committee designed to explore issues of race, gender, privilege, sexual violence, and oppression on campus. This committee, composed of student leaders, faculty, and administrators from the Division of Campus Life, created an online form to gather student feedback, which resulted in two Emory-wide open discussion forums.

The creation of the Emory Black Student Union (EBSU) was a direct result and recommendation of the open dialogue and cooperation between the student community and Campus Life administrators, and the ad-hoc committee. The space is one of several recommendations that were included in the 2013 Compact for Building Inclusive Community at Emory. The EBSU was the solution proposed in response to a lack of community and programming space for the black community. Campus Life and students acknowledged a series of challenging situations in the community and identified dedicated space as a key priority for best supporting black students at Emory.

The EBSU aims to improve race relations on campus and in the community by creating an environment that is receptive to African-American culture and ideas. This environment is key to ensuring a successful academic and social college experiences for Black students, and successful communication with Black student organizations on campus. In addition to being a hub for Black cultural organizations, the EBSU serves as a space for all students across all organizations at the University and a place where there can be an exploration of genuine cultural exchange!


Emory's Black Student Union (EBSU) will enhance, celebrate and support Emory’s black communities through dedicated space and programs.  Additionally, the EBSU is open to all students at Emory and will serve the Emory community as a resource for African and African Diaspora culture and history.

Through its space and programming, EBSU seeks to:

  • Provide a sense of belonging for black students
  • Affirm a range of black identities
  • Facilitate knowledge-sharing
  • Build connections among students, faculty and administrators across campus and create conduits that connect students to available University services
  • Cultivate student growth and support individual development
  • Strengthen and support student organizations
  • Foster student commitment to equity and justice
  • Support solidarity among black students and with organizations committed to social justice
  • Enhance community and cultural appreciation through entertainment
  • Fortify the social and educational interaction amongst the black community and other communities at Emory University, including, students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Trailblazers of Emory end-of-the-year celebration was birthed on Friday April 25th 2014 to commemorate an amazing part of Emory’s history! The first Trailblazers of Emory program was themed Building the Present upon the Pastand paid homage to the First Black professors, admitted students and graduates of Emory University.

The Onyx Awards

The Onyx Awards are an esteemed and special component of the Trailblazers of Emory program that encompass nine distinct categories recognizing our exceptional leaders in the community.  The winner of these awards receive public recognition, are presented the award at the Trailblazers of Emory end-of-the-year celebration, are spotlighted in various publications and media outlets, and receive a certificate or plaque for their achievement.

First Blacks

Nine individuals were saluted as being the first trailblazers at the university representing nice academic units.  These individuals came from a myriad of disciplines and industries. In spite of adversity, they accomplished breaking barriers and paving the way for the next generation of students, faculty, and staff.  As part of the Trailblazers of Emory program their biographies and pictures are permanently mounted on the walls of the EBSU in hopes to inspire the current Emory students to be trailblazers in their own way.  We salute these individuals and many others.

The Emory Black Student Union Advisory Board is the governing body for the space.  The board consists of faculty/staff positions, graduate student positions, student leaders from each Black undergraduate student organization, undergraduate and graduate student at large positions, the EBSU Intern team and representatives from the Caucus of Emory Black Alumni (CEBA). The advisory board agrees to serve for the entire academic year.

2018-2019 Board Members

Edlyn Seraphin NPHC
Christa Nutor BASIC
DeAndre Brown VOIS
David Freire Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc
Christell Victoria Roach Black Star
Kamay Gordon Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Robel BMI
Diyaaldeen Whitaker NAACP
Zariah Embry ACES
Nicole Gullatt Black Student Alliance (BSA)
Ali Grijak Ngambika
Salome Gulent African Student Association
Daniel Hamm BAM
Jazmine Colvin Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Lamar Greene Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Ngozi Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Chayla Vasquez Black Mental Health Ambassadors
Aiyanna Sanders EBSU Intern
Bobbye Hampton EBSU Intern
Vanessa Rodriguez EBSU Intern
Linda Akinnawou EBSU Intern
Preye Jituboh EBSU Intern
Nicole Gullatt EBSU Intern
Cydni Holloway EBSU Intern
Jason Wallace EBSU Advisor/Staff
Megan Pendelton EBSU Advisor/Staff

Core Partnering Organizations

  • Black Student Alliance (BSA)
  • Black Star Magazine
  • Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC)
  • Brotherhood for Afrocentric Men (BAM)
  • Emory Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
  • Ngambika
  • National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC)
  • African Student Association (ASA)
  • Association of Caribbean Educators and Students (ACES)

Are You…
A Thought Leader
Empowered to create change!
Is that you?

Get Involved

The Emory Black Student Union offers comprehensive and exciting intern positions during the fall and spring semester for Emory undergraduate students, as well as some graduate students (if positions are available). The EBSU provides leadership opportunities to enable students to incorporate their passions, talents, and skills to enhance our facility, programming, and services. If you are an enthusiastic, energetic, thought leader, empowered to create change, you may be a perfect fit for the EBSU Intern Team.

We offer several unique EBSU Intern positions, which are not renewed from year to year. If you want to be consider for the position in subsequent years, you must reapply during open-enrollment in the spring. The application process begins the week prior to spring break.

Intern Positions

The EBSU employs a team of eight student interns to herald and embody the EBSU’s Mission and Vision. Each position is interconnected with the others. We are seeking team oriented, self-motivated, and purpose driven individuals. Work-study students are highly preferred. Learn more about the position descriptions here.

  1. Senior Student Staff Administrator
    Descriptions & Aims: Oversees the progress of the other interns' initiatives (through the task log and Box) while maintaining the well-being of the space and works intimately with the advisors to ensure that all programming and initiatives promote the mission and vision of the space
  2. Programming Intern
    Descriptions & Aims: Serves as the chair of the Programming Committee (responsible for coordination of the Committee) andChairs the annual Trailblazers program. Works with EBSU interns to construct and execute programming initiatives.
  3. Reservations/Logistics Intern (2)
    Description & Aims: Maintains the EBSU reservations through Mach form3x a week; Approves/Denies all EBSU event requestbased on EBSU tenets
  4. Historian/Caucus of Emory Black Alumni (CEBA) Liaison
    Description & Aims: The Emory Black Student Union (EBSU) Historian and Caucus of Emory Black Alumni (CEBA) Liaison Intern records, writes, and preserves (archives) the EBSU’s history; writes and electronically disseminates the EBSU staff meeting minutes and the EBSU Advisory Board meeting minutes; directs the Legacy Campaign; and acts as a liaison between CEBA and the EBSU.
  5. Outreach/External Affairs Intern (2)
    Description & Aims: The Emory Black Student Union (EBSU) Outreach and External Affairs Intern helps facilitate both communication between the space and interested community members, and also the dissemination of events and information at Emory University and in Atlanta to members of the Black community. It is necessary to maintain communication with Black organizations on campus in order to effectively distribute information.

Application Process

To be consider for an intern position, you must complete an EBSU Intern Application as well as email the following documents to ebsu@emory.edu. Your subject line should state, "EBSU Intern Application."

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume or CV
  • 3 Professional References

If you have any questions please email us at EBSU@emory.edu.

Alumni Memorial University Center, Room 106
630 Means Dr, Atlanta, GA 30322

Email: ebsu@emory.edu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEBSU
Twitter: @TheEBSU

Campus Life Advisors

EBSU Interns