Since June 2017



Issue 32: February

  • Emory senior comes out of “retirement” to win coveted debate title
  • Emory X Me: Fall 2019

Issue 31: January

  • Jennifer McDowell: 2019 National Coach of the Year
  • Linh Nguyen: 2019 Region Coach of the Year
  • Emory X Me: Fall 2019


Issue 30: December

  • What happens “Behind Closed Doors” at Emory?
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance: Megan Pendleton reviews progress toward transgender justice at Emory

Issue 29: November

  • Greek life at Emory: For some, it's a family affair
  • A short history of 150 years of Greek life at Emory

Issue 28: October

  • Graduation Generation honors M. Agnes Jones Elementary School namesake with mural
  • Emory's Graduation Generation program prepares students for options beyond high school

Issue 27: September

  • Emory invests in Greek life housing, staffing, and programming
  • Expanding opportunities for parents and family to engage in university life

Issue 26: August

  • Coping with failure: F#ckupNights at Emory help students become more resilient
  • Students spoke, Emory listened, and the result is a range of change

Issue 25: June/July

  • A conversation with LaNita Gregory Campbell, new director of the Office of Racial and Cultural
  • Emory x Me elevates student voices through student stories

Issue 24: May

  • Sorority and Fraternity Life Eminence Awards recognize individuals and organizations
  • 2019 Eminence Awards recipients
  • A conversation with 2019 Brittain Award recipient Klamath Henry
  • Emory's Barkley Forum debaters excel in Lafayette Debates

Issue 23: April

  • OSFL: Advising with a purpose
  • Emory's Denim Day, April 17
  • Emory Community Police Academy offers inside look at EPD's service
  • Emory's new student center gets finishing touches

Issue 22: March

  • Emory's Social Justice Innovation Institute
  • Emory's 2019 Annual Pride Awards
  • Clifton Tower residence hall to reopen this fall

Issue 21: February

  • LGBT Life: Engaging students with faculty and staff beyond the classroom
  • CAPS celebrates 40th Anniversary
  • CAPS' Helpline volunteers: Emory's unknown, unsung student heroes
  • ECL Connections reader survey provides helpful feedback

Issue 20: January

  • Celebrating Greek life at Emory
  • Locker Room Talks help Eagles to Fly Higher


Issue 19: December

  • One Emory in Campus Life: New AVP Yarbrough is expanding faculty and academic engagement
  • Emory faculty and Campus Life staff partnerships better serve students
  • Can you spare three minutes?

Issue 18: November

  • Encouraging student-faculty engagement: Let's Do Lunch @ the DUCling!
  • Parent and Family Programs: Building community at Emory
  • Emory Votes: Shuttling to vote with Emory!

Issue 17: October
  • A conversation with Katie Futcher, head coach for Emory's new women's golf program
  • Barkley Forum's Ed Lee delivers keynote for Conversations on the Quad
  • New Campus Life Center Gets Official Name

Issue 16: September 
  • Ongoing partnerships make Move-In a success every year
  • Student orientation leaders play a vital role in the annual success of the program

Issue 15: August
  • Kathy Moss, executive assistant to three deans, to retire after 15 years
  • Campus Life staff and Emory faculty partner to enhance Faculty in Residence Program

Issue 14: July
  • Socially conscious student entrepreneurs embark on a quest to serve humanity
  • University Learning Community: A Hidden Gem

Issue 13: June
  • Conversation with Mike Huey of Student Health Services on the eve of his retirement
  • Case Study: The Huey Effect

Issue 12: May
  • Strategic plan seeks to revitalize sorority and fraternity life at Emory
  • Enrichment Committee: ECL's special events "A-Team"
  • Campus Life, Office of Spiritual and Religious Life, and Alumni Affairs team up to send students abroad

Issue 11: April
  • Emory's first cohort of the 1915 Scholars Program for first-generation students graduates in May
  • 100 percent of Emory pre-law students were admitted to top law schools in 2017: Career Center's role

Issue 10:March
  • Campus Life awards program celebrates 25 years and invites nominations from entire Emory community
  • Eagle Edge: New initiative to make exceptional Emory Athletics program even better

Issue 9: February
  • Diversity of counseling staff enhances clinical services for Emory's diverse student body
  • Campus Life expands professional development options with Executive Leadership Fellowship
  • Emory's Career Ambassadors

Issue 8: January
  • Office of Student Success expands support for students experiencing food insecurity
  • Campus Life seeks student wellness ambassadors as peer-to-peer educators


Issue 7: December
  • New Office of RACE engages Emory community in dialogue around race, culture, and social justice
  • Faculty in Residence Video
  • Exclusive video documentary: A Dean's Quest

Issue 6: November
  • Campus Life initiative serves international students and promotes world peace
  • Breaking News: Online debut of prestigious, first-ever, Academy of ECL Awards
  • Two ECL staff members recognized with Emory's 2017 Award of Distinction

Issue 5: October
  • A Conversation with Chanel Craft Tanner, new director of the Center for Women
  • Center for Women at Emory celebrates 25th anniversary
  • Center for Women at Emory Timeline
  • Campus Life Pavilion to be dedicated during homecoming to black students who integrated Emory

Issue 4: September
  • Emory's oldest residence hall, reaches the century mark in good hands
  • Dobbs Hall: The "Old Man" is 100 and still serving Emory students

Issue 3: August
  • Student requests rise for PrEP treatment
  • Training students to mentor students
  • #CLCUpdate: DUC demolished, AMUC protected, debris recycled

Issue 2: July
  • Emory Higher Ed Institute in its 2nd Summer
  • Housing's Digital Revolution

Issue 1: June
  • Emory's Special Olympics Partnership
  • Honeycutt bids Emory farewell
  • Emory's Career Ambassadors