Georgians have up to three chances to vote absentee (by mail) this fall: the November 3 election and potentially two runoffs.

  • November 3: Election Day
  • December 1: Georgia general runoff for local and state races, if needed
  • January 5: Georgia general runoff for federal seats, if needed to determine Georgia’s second U.S. Senator (formerly Johnny Isakson’sseat, currently held by Kelly Loeffler) after the all-comers primary November 3.

Georgia will not automatically mail ballot request forms to all voters for each date, so individuals must take the initiative. It isn’t hard; it just takes a little planning. You need to request a separate ballot for each date, and you can do it already.


Submit an absentee ballot application.

  • If you have Georgia ID (driver’s license, voter ID), you can request your ballot online at the state’s new absentee ballot request website,

  • If you do not have Georgia ID, you will need to send in a signed paper form. Download an absentee ballot application (request form). Fill it out. Sign by hand. Mail the request form to your county elections office with a 55 cent stamp. If you’re up against a deadline, see if your county (DeKalb, Newton, Fulton) is accepting scans by email or fax.


Once you have submitted the request . . .

  • Follow its status in the lower left of My Voter Page until you see your application has been received and accepted and your ballot has been mailed and arrived.

  • Vote! Research the candidates, fill out your ballot carefully in dark ink (bubble in ovals completely, don’t use checkmarks), use both inner and outer return envelopes, and be sure to sign the oath on the outside of the envelope where indicated. Missing and irregular signatures cause ballots to be rejected.

Return your ballot.

  • If you are voting long distance, add two first-class stamps and mail it in

  • If you are physically in Georgia, you have a choice:

    • You canmail it back in the provided envelope, at least two weeks before Election Day, adding two stamps.

    • Or, better, avoid USPS by dropping your voted ballot off yourself in an absentee ballot drop box for the county where you’re registered. DeKalb County’s drop boxes are listed here (the one closest to the Emory campus is at 1282 McConnell Drive off Clairmont Road). Fulton’s are here. Drop boxes are secure and monitored around the clock, and ballots are collected daily. Do not gather your friends’ ballots to deliver en masse. Everyone should deliver their own, unless immediate family or household.

Finally, track your ballot.

    • Log into My Voter Page and look in the lower left to see your ballot has been received and accepted.

    • As an alternative, sign up for Ballottrax to receive confirmation texts.



For official Georgia information about absentee voting, see here. If problems arise, call your county elections office or contact the Election Protection hotline (866-OUR-VOTE).